Urban Design

Occasionally we are asked to carry out Urban Design, however we prefer to refer to it as Community Design because that is what we are doing. We are designing an entire community. To be asked to design a subdivision some of which includes all the homes, community buildings and facilities is to us a very special part of our work. While we have a responsibility to our client to achieve the desired goals we also have a responsibility to the wider community and the residents as well, to provide a pleasant environment for them to live and grow. The community will have open space and recreation facilities while maintaining a balance with the natural environment and surrounds.

Good, well planned communities add value to the end product and are more easily marketed and sold because they have provided for the balance being demanded by today’s environmentally conscious, well informed and connected consumers.

It’s not just about design…
it’s also about people
it’s also about service
it’s also about value
it’s also about living…

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