For us, it’s never houses. Residential design is all about you. Your aspirations and desires, your wants and needs must be satisfied as part of the design. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the best possible design solution for their needs.

All our designs incorporate passive solar design, energy efficiency and sustainability. Our homes always take in naturally cooling breezes and the winter sun to provide year round comfort, and saving you money. However being eco friendly does not mean that you end up with a hippy home from Byron Bay. Nowadays eco friendly design is simply part of what we do and no one can tell that your home is working with the environment.

Our design philosophy allows us to design homes of all shapes and sizes, Waterfront homes, small lot or steep lot housing are all catered for with equal enthusiasm and expertise.

Project Home Design takes this philosophy a step further with flexibility in design through modulation. Great homes don’t have to cost a fortune. This is demonstrated with our receipt of the QMBA award for “Best Individual Home” $326,00—$400,000 in 2009.

It’s not just about design…
it’s also about people
it’s also about service
it’s also about value
it’s also about living…

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