Residential Multi Unit

With demand for housing outstripping supply and a changing demographic, multi residential development is changing the way we live within the urban footprint. There is a trend towards fewer people per residence and demand for less rooms and larger units. “Comfortable Living” is becoming the new buzz. Government policies are determining the type and scale of multi unit development with increased densities and bonuses on offer for well planned and structured multi residential developments in order to help satisfy the shortage.

As designers we have to provide better outcomes with higher densities and better facilities. We quickly assess a site against the town plan to determine it’s potential yield. From there we consider other factors such as market analysis and government policy that will help maximize the projects potential. Then onto sketch design and eventually full documentation with the aid of competent, experienced team of consultants including landscaping, colour and finally furnishing either the display or packages for each unit.

It’s not just about design…
it’s also about people
it’s also about service
it’s also about value
it’s also about living…

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