Eco Design

When we started to introduce passive solar design into our everyday design philosophy no one wanted to know about it. Now 15 years later people are interested and sometimes demand that their home be “Green”.

Elements such as passive solar design, energy efficiency and sustainability are automatically catered for in all our designs. No longer do you have to have a “Hippy Home” to be green. The principals, if understood, can be successfully applied to all designs having regard for the climate, orientation to the sun, prevailing breezes and topography. You don’t have to go out on a limb to obtain an eco friendly design. The number of “green” products available nowadays allows us to obtain high energy efficiency without breaking the bank. By investing the time during the design process you can be assured your new home will offer year round comfort and pay for itself many times over throughout it’s life. Homes don’t have to cost a fortune to be considered great homes. This is demonstrated with the QMBA award “Best Individual Home” in 2009.

It’s not just about design…
it’s also about people
it’s also about service
it’s also about value
it’s also about living…

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